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Reserve your place by getting in touch with us. Payments are made by bank deposit.

Yes, if you’re not an experienced hiker then you are likely to find these hikes too difficult. But don’t fear, if you head to our Get Set For Camino page you will find a few hints and tips on how best to prepare for a Camino Women adventure.

Check the individual tours for more accurate information, but generally it is a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 or 12.

You will need to pay a deposit, please check the individual trip details for more information, but generally you will then need to pay the final balance of the trip at least 90 days before the start of the trip.

Cancellation of your booking often does not allow time for the re-sale of your space on the trip. The deposit paid upon booking your trip is non-refundable and serves as a cancellation fee.

Please note, the cancellation policy can vary from trip to trip. Any trip-specific policy overrides these terms. Please refer to your itinerary/invoice for more details.

With our new lifetime deposit guarantee, you never lose your deposit. No matter when you cancel, you keep your trip deposit.

Cancellation 95 days or more prior to departure: Retain trip minimum deposit as a credit; receive refund on all additional payments.

Cancellation between 50 and 94 days: You will retain the trip minimum deposit as a credit, and receive 40% of the trip price as a refund.

Cancellation between 30 and 49 days: You will receive a credit equivalent to 30% of the trip price, OR the trip minimum deposit, whichever amount is greater.

Cancellation between 0 and 29 days: You will retain the trip minimum deposit as a credit

Most cancellations happen due to unfortunate circumstances, such as sickness or bereavement, but we cannot adjust our policy for these circumstances. We have in the past tried to accommodate for these events, but the cost of covering these cancellations was financially unsustainable and caused the majority of trips to run at a loss.

For this reason: If you wish to be covered for cancellations, this must be organised with an external insurance provider.
Sourcing replacement guests is difficult and often requires a last minute discount to make happen. This is why if we are able to source a replacement guest, we will be able to refund 75% of the trip price to you, though filling your spot is not guaranteed, and we cannot be held responsible for any failure to fill your spot. Note, the replacement guest would also take over your deposit.

Any refund, be it part or whole, will be based on the payment originally received in our bank account — that amount is the gross amount on which any refund will be based. If the client leaves the trip voluntarily after its commencement, there will be no refund.

We believe strongly in the principles of sustainable tourism. All our guides are certified (where relevant), trained, and well-paid in their local context. Beware of a tour that is suspiciously cheap – this is the first place that less reputable operators will go to cut expenses. If you have any concerns, at any time, about the treatment of animals or the environmental impact of an activity managed by us, ​please​ raise them. We love this Earth and the gifts it has provided. Protecting those things is critical to the Aussie Camino owners and guides.

Camino Women does not require proof of vaccination to travel. However, we are bound by the laws and regulations of the countries we travel to, and because of this, some trips may require proof of vaccination and/or mandatory covid testing.

What happens if someone shows symptoms of COVID-19 on the trip?

If a guest feels unwell during the trip, the Trip Leader will request that they take a COVID-19 test. Depending on local regulations, the guest may choose between a PCR (when available) or a RAT.

If the test is COVID-19 positive, the guest will be required to isolate, and they will be cared for separately from the group. Camino Women will assist with sourcing any alternative accommodation and medical care that’s required, but these expenses will be paid for by the guest.

If you plan on claiming on insurance, you will need to contact your insurance company immediately to understand their requirements and get approval on next steps. The insurance company may require you to take a PCR test and go through additional steps that may extend your isolation period.

In the case of a positive test, the Trip Leader and any crew are required to take a test. The Trip Leader may also request other guests who have been a close contact to take a RAT test, in order for the group to continue on the trip safely.

Our aim is that the trip continues wherever possible, unless local regulations require otherwise.

Caring for you

For all our trips, we have contracted a local back office support team that helps us to resolve emergency situations if they arise.

If you test positive, you will be connected with that service and they will work with you to manage your case until you test negative once more.

You will also be added to a group Whatsapp chat with our team, where you can ask questions and receive support.

When can the guest rejoin the group?

Once the guest tests negative by 2 consecutive RATS tests (12 hours apart) or by 1 PCR test, Camino Women will make the arrangements necessary for the guest to rejoin the group, as soon as logistically possible.

Travel insurance is mandatory for travelling with Camino Women and we encourage all guests to ensure that their policy includes COVID-19 medical and trip interruption coverages, and to understand the testing requirements of their policy.

It is at our discretion to move the guest to a new location if the circumstances warrant. Examples would include a lack of accommodation, available support staff, or local medical facilities. This would happen in separate transportation to the main group.

What if the trip is ending?

Once a trip is over, and a guest is still isolating, it is at the guest’s discretion to organise any changes to flights. If extra accommodation, transportation or services are needed, we will work with the guest to ensure these services are provided until the isolation period ends.

Mask Wearing

Even if testing negative to Covid, if you are showing any signs of a cold or flu, you will need to wear a mask while in enclosed spaces such as vehicles.

We can’t offer any guarantees, but we welcome any suggestions from potential Camino Women trekkers. Feel free to reach out.

AUD – Australian dollars.

Camino Women is a company that adores ALL women who are passionate about hiking. Typically our treks are filled with “mature-minded, young-hearted” women between the ages of 45-65. However, we also warmly welcome women outside of that age bracket (it’s about the fitness, not the ‘number’), as long as they are committed to staying fit in their day-to-day lives and are ready for our active outdoor experiences!

No, our tours are designed so you make friends and have a community-spirited experience every step of the way. Although accommodation is shared, there will be opportunities to have time to yourself when you need it.

Yes, this is what sets us apart for many of our guests. We wouldn’t want to betray their confidence as many book a tour on the basis of feeling safe in an all-female environment.

This is one of the most established yet disheartening practices of tourism worldwide. We aim to never take you to shops where you’ll be pressured and to always put your interests first. Again, if you ever have any concerns about this or need help negotiating the purchase of an item you fall in love with, we’ll be there. Most people who visit the countries that we travel to do want to visit shops and do end up buying exotic wares; that being said, we try our very best to avoid situations where you may feel uncomfortable.

No! As much as possible, activities are included in your trip price. Any additional add-ons will be as reasonable as possible, and alternatives will be provided where requested and practical.

Unless specifically mentioned, airfares are not included. You can connect with the specialist travel agents in our network to get your flights organised — just ask and we’ll put you through to someone.

Most of our trips have a tip kitty because many cultures have interesting and diverse rules when it comes to tips. We’ve found it to be the easiest way to combat over-tipping, under-tipping or having the tip fall into the wrong hands. Our goal is for guests to relax and know that the complexities of tipping are taken care of, on their behalf. The amount for each trip is unique.

Get ready for an adventure where all women, including our LGBTQI friends, are celebrated! At Camino Women, we’re all about diversity, creating small-group tours that bring together incredible women to experience off-the-beaten-path places around the globe.

For this reason, it’s important for our guests to be aware of the local laws and customs in the destinations we visit as some countries have laws that discriminate against LGBTQIA+ people. We recommend you visit Equaldex and/or Smartraveller before you choose a trip for up-to-date advice and information about LGBTQIA-related laws.

As a tour company for groups of 12 women, we book travellers solely based on the gender info in their passports to make sure everyone’s journey with us is smooth and secure( as individuals, in a group, and as roomies. If you identify differently from the gender marker on your passport, please let us know in advance and we’ll suggest a tour that would best suit your needs!

We also have a Single Supplement available on most trips for guests who prefer to have their own room.

Imagine small groups, big connections, and a vibe that’s all about camaraderie, exploration, and empowerment… We’re about building friendships and unity among women from various backgrounds. We have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination, violence (verbal or physical), or sexual harassment, whether it occurs among fellow travellers or involves our leaders, partners, or local individuals.

If you experience any inappropriate behaviour during your travels with us, kindly bring it to the immediate attention of your tour leader or local guide. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we are committed to ensuring a respectful and inclusive environment throughout your journey.

Ready To Get Started? Need a Question Answered?

Ready To Get Started? Need a Question Answered?