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Our Incredible Portuguese Camino de Santiago

You’re a keen hiker and you’re a keen traveller. This is your chance to combine your two passions and hike one of the world’s oldest pilgrimages! On this fun-filled, trail-laden 16-day adventure, you’ll tackle the iconic Portuguese Camino de Santiago, checking two swoon-worthy countries off your bucket list in the process.

The adventure kicks off in Portugal, where you’ll ease into your first few days with some sightseeing. As the soulful sounds of fado swirl through the air, you’ll devour Portuguese custard tarts, cruise along the Douro River and zoom through Lisbon on an iconic yellow tram. Then, it’s time to hike!

Covering 116 kilometres of trails and winding through secret villages, untouched countryside and rugged terrain across six days, this hike will teleport you back to over a millenium ago. With your group of 11 other adventurous women walking every step of the way with you, there’ll never be a dull moment. And, at the end of it all, you’ll be able to say you’ve hiked a Camino. Not many can say that!

If you’re ready to embark on the hike of a lifetime… get in touch!

Why Choose Portuguese Camino de Santiago?

Stroll down the streets of Lisbon’s legendary Barrio Alto

Enjoy a boat ride and wine tasting in charming Porto

Discover the secrets of the Knights Templar in the historical gem of Tomar

Eat delicious Portuguese and Galician food

Hike through the Galician countryside following in the footsteps of St. James

Complete the Camino de Santiago and receive your Compostela

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Trip Details


13 September: $7,145 AUD (twin share)
2 November: $6,939 AUD (twin share)
16 March 2025: $7,445 AUD (twin share)

  • $1,650 AUD deposit.
  • A 2-week cooling-off period applies.
  • Lifetime deposit. If you need to cancel, your deposit is transferable to other trips.
  • Twin Share: we’ll match you with a roomie if you’re travelling solo.
  • Private supplement available:
    13 September – $2,103 AUD, max 2 spots
    2 November – $1,793 AUD, max 2 spots
    16 March 2025 – $2,400 AUD, max 2 spots

Please refer to our payment terms in the FAQs.

Trip length

  • 16 days, 15 nights
  • Trip starts in Lisbon, Portugal and finishes in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Meeting point

Casa de São Mamede, Lisbon, Portugal

Departure point

Hotel Gelmirez, Santiago de Compostela, Spain


13  September 2024 to 28 September 2024 – Booked Out

2  November 2024 to 17 November 2024 – 6 Spots Left

Group size

Maximum 12

Participation requirements

  • You’re open-minded and open-hearted.
  • You try to embrace the little things.
  • You understand that even in the best vehicles, the air-con sometimes breaks.
  • You don’t mind that even in the best restaurants, the service is sometimes a little slow.
  • You acknowledge that all of the above is just part of the adventure, and you choose to be gracious.


Level 3 or Moderate Plus

A fair amount of endurance and a slightly more than moderate level of fitness is needed for our Level 3-rated pilgrimages. Expect to walk for between 4 and 7 hours a day, that’s somewhere between 10 and 15 kilometres. Also, keep in mind that we’ll need to cover that distance at a fairly moderate pace through undulating terrain. 

Some days are solely devoted to trekking through the wilderness with jaw-dropping scenery, while others are dedicated to relaxation and cultural experiences.


  • Meals: 15 breakfasts, and 15 dinners
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • List transport: Private vehicle transportation, boat ride on Douoro River
  • Wine Tasting in Porto Lodge, Liquor tasting pastry shop visit in Santiago de Compostela
  • 15 nights accommodation
  • A top-rated and English-speaking Tour Leader
  • All listed activities and more!

Not included

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Any visas required
  • Late check-out at hotels
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Drinks with included lunches and dinners
  • Tip kitty. Note: Aussies and Kiwis are not used to tipping, we know! However, guide and driver tipping is customary for tours in Portugal and Spain.
  • Personal expenditure

Accommodation Preview

Casa de São Mamede, Lisbon

Hotel Dos Templarios, Tomar

Legendary Porto Hotel, Porto

Trip Map

Get To Know Your Camino de Santiago Itinerary

What You'll See & Do

Day 1: Welcome to Lisbon

Get ready, get set, go! As soon as you arrive in Portugal a member of our team will pick you up from the airport to whisk you off to your hotel, so that you can freshen up after your flight.

After a quick shower to wash off your jetlag, you’ll feel like a new woman, ready to conquer Lisbon. The city is colourful, bold, and oh-so-beautiful, and you’ll find yourself falling head-over-hiking-boots as you explore on your first guided walk around the city.

It can sometimes feel nerve-wracking to meet a new group of strangers, but not on our watch! We’re throwing a welcome dinner tonight so you can get to know your group of new hiking besties. Portuguese food, Portuguese music, and Portuguese wine will all help to get the conversation flowing, and, before the night is over, you’ll feel like these ladies have been your wing women for your entire life.

Accommodation: Casa de São Mamede (Old Palace) (or similar)
Included: Dinner

Day 2: Lisbon

Yesterday’s walk around Lisbon gave you just a taste of the city. Today, you’re getting the whole meal. It’s time to delve in! 

As the morning rays bounce off the cobblestones, we’ll take you on a journey through Barrio Alto, Lisbon’s cool bohemian neighbourhood. Mornings in Barrio Alto are pure magic, when the only sounds you’ll hear are the fluttering of laundry and the sweeping of broomsticks on the cobblestones. From there, it’s off to Praça do Comércio, the bright yellow town square that’ll be the most gorgeous you’ll ever see. Everything is bolder and brighter in Lisbon!

As the sun sets on your first full day in Portugal, kick back with a glass of local wine in your hand and if you think this is good – just know that things are going to get even better.

Accommodation: Casa de São Mamede (Old Palace) (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 3: Lisbon and Belém District

Today is all about Belém, the neighbourhood that gave us some of Lisbon’s most iconic buildings and the sinfully-delicious Portuguese custard tarts, called pastéis de nata. You may think you’ve tried one before, but once you try the real deal of oozy-custardy-goodness, there’s no going back. 

Pastéis de nata aside, you won’t believe your eyes when you step into the 15th-century Jerónimos Monastery. There’s only one way to describe it, and that’s downright fancy. Walking through the towering cloisters and craning your neck to check out the stunning vaulted ceilings, you’ll agree that it’s worth every minute of your time.

Another heart-stealer on your trip to Belém will be the Belém Tower, an imposing symbol of Portugal’s Age of Discovery. You won’t be able to resist snapping some photos from the ground, but just wait until you see what awaits you at the top!

Accommodation: Casa de São Mamede (Old Palace) (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 4: Batalha & Alcobaça

You’ll hit the road this morning, saying farewell to Lisbon and hello to the lovely town of Tomar. We have a couple of surprises up our sleeves to break up the journey though. Instead of boring, roadside pit-stops, you’ll get to visit two UNESCO sites on the way. You’re welcome!

First up is the Batalha Monastery, where you’ll marvel at the intricate Gothic architecture on display, each detail a testament to the monastery’s craftsmen of hundreds of years ago. This monastery attracts visitors from all over the world and is a living, breathing symbol of Portugal’s deeply religious culture. 

In the afternoon, you’ll pay a visit to the Alcobaça Monastery, where the story of Portugal’s most legendary lovers comes to life. This is the burial place for Portugal’s answer to Romeo and Juliet – Pedro and Inês, and you’ll learn all about them as you explore Alcobaça.

Accommodation: Hotel dos Templarios (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 5: Tomar

Be sure to fill your belly at breakfast this morning – you have another full day of adventuring ahead of you. Today’s destination, Tomar, doesn’t make an appearance on most Portugal itineraries, but we think it’s one of Portugal’s coolest small towns – and you’ll most likely agree.

The town itself is gorgeous, but there’s one building that steals the show: the Convent of Christ. This 12th-century building was once the stronghold of one of the most famous religious orders of all time – The Knights Templar. What makes it so special though? Well… we don’t want to ruin any surprises!

There’s no better way to round off another dreamy day in Portugal than with local wine, and there’s no better place to sample some than at a local winery. As you tour the winery, you’ll learn a couple of local wine-making secrets before trying a few varieties.

Accommodation: Hotel dos Templarios (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 6: Nazaré & Porto

Surf’s up today! Well… only if you’re absolutely bonkers!

You see, we’ll break up our journey to Porto this morning with a stop at Nazare, home to the biggest waves ever surfed. And when we say big, we mean massive, mind-boggling waves towering over 80 feet. The world record for the biggest wave ever surfed was set right here.

While the big wave season may not be in full swing when you visit, you might get lucky and see the waves in action! If they aren’t on your side, don’t miss the chance to visit the Nazare Surf Museum. Inside, you’ll get the lowdown on the crazy surfing in Nazare, and you’ll even get to see surfboards used to conquer the Nazare 80-footers. Wow!

Pulling into Porto, you’ll stretch your legs on a quick wander through the city, taking in the colourful buildings, before heading to dinner. Yet another night of out-of-this-world.

Portuguese food awaits!

Accommodation: Hotel Legendary Porto (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 7:  Porto

You’ll spend the morning exploring every nook and cranny of Porto’s adorable Ribeira district, posing for photos to your heart’s content and maybe snaffling another Portuguese pastel de nata or two. Then, it’s time to see Porto from a different vantage point as you board a boat to cruise on the Douro River. As you float on the water, the gentle sway of the boat and the feel of the sun on your face will transport you to a state of pure bliss. You’ll struggle to remember a time you felt this relaxed!

It’d be a crime to visit Porto and not drink some Port wine, so we’ll drop you off at a Port Lodge to learn a thing or two about this dessert wine and sample a few varieties. For research only, of course….

Accommodation: Hotel Legendary Porto (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner


Day 8: Tui

After a morning of free time to explore Porto, you’ll hit the road on the way to your Camino starting point: Tui. To get here, the group will cross the border into Spain. Hello, new passport stamps!

Pulling into Tui, you’ll feel the hum of excitement in the air as you and your fellow adventurers discuss the journey ahead. This is what you came here for! The only thing standing between you and the finish line now is 116 kilometres of jaw-dropping scenery. Rest up, because you have a big day tomorrow!

Accommodation: Hotel Alfonso Tui (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 9: Tui to O Porriño

Rise and shine, it’s hiking time!

You’ll ease into your first hiking day on this Camino adventure by starting in the historic streets of Tui, passing the old Roman bridge of Tui. Then, it’s go-time! Heading north, you’ll follow the River Louro for much of the day, checking out tiny villages and ancient chapels along the way. After 16 kilometres, the group will be rewarded with the sweet, sweet descent into O Porriño. 

This town is famous for its bread, and after covering so much distance, you’ve definitely earned some. Carb-load like there’s no tomorrow and enjoy every single bite!

At the end of your day, our driver will be waiting to whisk you away back to your hotel in Tui. To avoid the exhaustion of packing and unpacking each day, we’ve arranged for you to have to move hotels as infrequently as possible. You’re welcome!

Accommodation: Hotel Alfonso Tui (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 10: O Porriño to Redondela

Get ready to tackle another full day of wondrous trails, because you’re covering another 15.5 kilometres today. The ascent today may be a bit challenging, but don’t worry – with the encouragement of your teammates, you’ll conquer the mountain in no time! 

The challenge will be long forgotten when you reach the top and take in the unparalleled 360-degree view of the Ria de Vigo estuary. Take a deep breath and soak it all in – the view may have changed over time, but you’re still sharing the same challenges and achievements along this ancient route, as pilgrims did centuries ago. These moments of feeling part of something greater than yourself is what walking the Camino is all about!

You’ll fall into bed tonight with a full belly and a sense of accomplishment that only comes from a day of hiking. Sweet dreams!

Accommodation: Hotel Alfonso Tui (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 11: Redondela to Pontevedra

Leaving Redondela bright and early, you’ll cross the Ponte Sampaio, a Roman bridge that bears witness to a colossal battle against Napoleon’s army in 1809. Trekking through gorgeous Galician villages, the day will be filled with laughter, water-guzzling and marvelling at the stunning views around every bend. 

After 19.6 kilometres, summon up your last bits of energy to explore the kick-ass Old Town of Pontevedra. On the edge of Plaza de la Peregrina (Pilgrim Square) stands a petit dollhouse-like church dedicated to The Pilgrim Virgin. She is venerated for guiding pilgrims safely along the Camino de Santiago. The Camino’s iconic scallop shell is not only revered as detail throughout the building, it’s also the shape of the church’s footprint!

Dinner tonight will be a Galician seafood feast fit for a Queen, served up at a local cantina. You might be too hungry to talk as you savour the freshest catches of the day and indulge in local specialities. We don’t blame you! With such amazing food on the table, it’s hard to focus on anything else.

Accommodation: Hotel Rías Bajas (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 12: Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

You’re in for a treat today – and a challenge! The trek covers a whopping 21.1 kilometres, but we have no doubt that you’ll rise to the occasion. On the way, you’ll stumble upon yet another piece of history: the historic Ponte de Burgo bridge. If you haven’t noticed yet, almost every day of this adventure takes you across a stunning bridge – each with its own unique history and many with their beginnings in making the pilgrimage a safer quest.

Continuing on, you’ll wander through native forests, accompanied by the bubbling sound of streams and the unmistakable scent of the eucalyptus trees. Before you know it, you’ll have arrived in Caldas de Reis. Kick off your hiking boots and soothe your aching feet in the town’s famous thermal waters known for its healing properties like walkers have for centuries here!

Accommodation: Hotel Rías Bajas (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 13: Caldas de Reis to Padrón

It’s the fifth day of the trek, and your feet may be a little bit sore, but as they say… when the going gets tough, the tough get going! You’ll pick up the trail where you left off yesterday – at Caldas de Reis. Today’s walk is  18.6 kilometres to the town of Padrón, where Saint James himself first preached during his stay in Spain. 

Nowadays, Padrón is better known for something else: Padrón peppers! They’re typically sweet and mild, but a few rogue peppers can be incredibly fiery – eating them feels like a game of Russian roulette. Sample them with your hiking pals and try not to cry with laughter as one of you pulls the rogue pepper!

Peppers consumed, it’s back to your hotel in Pontevedra. Lying tucked up in your bed, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow you’ll finally arrive at the finish line.

Accommodation: Hotel Rías Bajas (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 14: Padrón a Santiago de Compostela

As you return to the trails this morning, you’ll have a spring in your step knowing that it’s the final day of the Camino! The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is just 24.3 kilometres away. Yes, it’s going to be a long day, but trust us, the kilometres will fly by as you get closer and closer to taking off your hiking boots.

 A winding climb towards Santiago de Compostela awaits you at the end of the trail. In the final few kilometres, the towers of the cathedral will loom in the distance. You’re so close that you can almost taste it!

And then…you’ve finished! You have completed the Portuguese Camino de Santiago on your own two feet! Give yourself and your new friends a huge pat on the back as you stumble into the city. After all, this journey wouldn’t have been possible without each other. Go ahead and celebrate – you deserve it!

Accommodation: Hotel Gelmirez (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 15: Santiago de Compostela

This morning, you’ll lace up your hiking boots to-… Just kidding! Today, there’s no hiking at all. You’re done! With a morning of free time to spend however you like, it’s all too tempting to snooze and catch up on much-needed rest. Can you resist some Santiago sightseeing, though?

In the afternoon, your hiking squad will meet up to visit a local pastry shop where you’ll treat yourselves to the local delicacy, Tarte de Santiago. As you take your first bite, the world around you will fade away, and all that’ll be left is the rich almond flavour intermingling with the sweetness of sugar. How can something so simple taste so divine?

With your sweet tooth satisfied, it’s time to celebrate the group’s achievements at your final dinner. Together, you’ve conquered mountains, pushed each other to new heights, and created memories that will last a lifetime. It’ll be hard to hold back the tears!

Accommodation: Hotel Gelmirez (or similar)
Included: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 16: Farewell Friends!

Our team will drop you off at the airport with plenty of time for your flight. Before you leave, swap contact details with your new pals to share photos and plan your next adventure together.

All good things must come to an end, but what an adventure it’s been! You’ve hiked over 116 kilometres of world-class trails, but sometimes it’s not about the physical challenge – it’s about the friends you made along the way. Returning home with 11 new besties you didn’t even know a few weeks ago, you’ll agree.

Included: Breakfast


Prior to the payment of your full balance, the final price may change if there is significant variation in the AUD:EUR exchange rate. Our trip pricing is determined by what the exchange rates are at the time of publishing the trip.

The pricing on these trips is based on the following exchange rates:

20 March 2024 departure: 1 AUD:0.61 EUR

2 November 2024 departure: 1 AUD:0.61 EUR

A deposit of $1,650 AUD is required to hold your spot. Payment can be made by credit card (fees apply) or bank deposit.

There is a cooling-off period of 2 weeks. (Applicable to all bookings made 110 days in advance.)

We have implemented a ‘lifetime deposit’ guarantee. Deposits are not refundable, but they are transferable at any time, right up until the first day of the trip.

The final balance of the trip is required 95 days in advance of the departure date. Our suppliers require upfront payment well in advance to guarantee availability.

Australia and New Zealand have flights to Portugal by several routes via either SE Asia and the Middle East.

Traditionally, hotels in this region are small and with small rooms, and in some hotels the beds in twin rooms don’t have a lot of space between. We always do our best to provide you with interesting stays, so we’ve carefully handpicked the boutique hotels for this trip.

Transfer to Santiago-Rosalía de Castro Airport is included in your trip package. For those departing from A Coruña Airport, transfers are available only on the day the trip concludes.

Your luggage will be transported between your hotel stays, while you walk the Camino. You’ll be responsible for carrying your personal day pack.

Portugal and Spain are both part of the Schengen Area and Australians and New Zealanders do not require a pre-arranged visa if entering the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days.

Portugal has relatively mild winters and hot summers. Spring is a great time to visit Portugal and it start at the end of March. In late March and beginning of April average daytime temperatures are around 18-20°C. Light rain is common, but mostly you can expect sunny skies. Sometimes temperatures rise to summer-like 25°C.

In Galicia, the weather is slightly cooler in the same period. The average daytime temperature is around 15-16°C, while the average night temperature is around 8°C.

Portuguese food is hearty and its main dishes are made with meat, seafood, legumes, and vegetables. It is a Mediterranean-based cuisine that makes use of a wide variety of spices, and many of those spices came from Portugal’s former colonies (piri-piri, paprike, clove, cumin). Garlic and onions are also widely used as are herbs like bay leaf, oregano, rosemary, and coriander. Olive oil is used as a base in many Portuguese dishes, either for cooking or for flavouring meals. Bread is a staple at a Portuguese dinner table while wine is the traditional Portuguese drink.

In Galicia, you’ll definitely find hearty stews and sauces, many seafood and rice dishes, and a heavy reliance on vegetables, dairy, and the foods local farming is able to produce.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page!

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