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How to be a Great Camino Woman

Hello! Congratulations, you’re now a Camino Woman.

You’re here to travel to some rather special destinations while ticking life-changing experiences off your bucket list. And it doesn’t get much more exciting than that! Small-group travel is great – you’re going to meet others just as intent on enjoying the trip as you are, and there’s a comforting element of safety for solo travelers.

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Get Set For Your Camino

A multi-day walking tour with Camino Women is unlike any other you will come across, which is why it is important to prepare well for the experience. Here’s our top tips for a better and more rewarding trekking adventure.

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Guest Participation Guidelines

At Camino Women, we’re all about ensuring you have a fun, safe, and unforgettable adventure with us. To keep everything running smoothly, we’ve put together some guidelines for all our guests. These help us decide when we might need to refuse or cancel a booking, action our Trip Help Process, or possibly even ask someone to leave a trip.

It’s important to know that any guest asked to leave a trip, or who has their booking terminated at any point by Camino Women in alignment with these guidelines, will not be subject to any refunds as per our Terms & Conditions(opens in a new tab).

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Trip Help Process

Traveling can come with unexpected challenges. Whether it’s a problem with your accommodation, frustration with tardiness of other guests, feeling unwell, or issues with your luggage, we’re here to help resolve it promptly!


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Communicable Disease Policy Group Trips

Leatherback Travel is the operator of several travel brands, including Patch Adventures, Camino Women and Magnificent Rail.


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