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Is trekking through wilderness nature the kind of adventure you need? What about a culture fix in off-beat locations too? Then this would be an amazing trip for you! At Camino Women, we have combined just the right blend of Uzbekistan’s ancient, history-drenched cities with the raw beauty of Tajik landscapes. 

This itinerary is packed to the brim with visits to some of the world’s oldest and most exotic cultural assets, many sitting along the famous Silk Road trade route. Walk your way around Uzbekistan’s cities, soaking up the vibe of old-world bazaars, relishing local foods and mixing it up with locals. Plenty of walking and a mini-hike will have you warmed up for trekking through Tajikistan.

While getting back to nature in Tajikistan, you’ll embark on a more challenging, multi-day hike through surreal landscapes, mountain scenery, lakes and forests, while camping out under the stars.

If this itinerary appeals to you, then you need to let us know! We can only take 12 adventurous women per trip. This is part of what makes the trip so special – any bigger groups and you’d not get to do the less-travelled roads!

Why Choose Uzbekistan Culture & Tajikistan Trek?

Walk the ancient streets of UNESCO Bukhara

Hike through villages in the foothills of the Hissar Range

Cross the Kyzylkum Desert by Train

Camp in Tajikistan's remote Fann Mountains' wilderness

Trek through the Tovassang Pass 3,350 metres above sea level

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Trip Details


2024: $6,986 AUD (per person twin share)
2025: $7,137 AUD (per person twin share)

2024: $1,458 AUD Partial Single Supplement (2 available)
2025: $1,488 AUD Partial Single Supplement (2 available)

  • $1,650 deposit.
  • A 2-week cooling-off period applies.
  • Lifetime deposit. If you need to cancel, your deposit is transferrable to other trips.
  • Twin Share: we’ll match you with a roomie if you’re travelling solo.

Please refer to our payment terms in the FAQs.

Trip length

18 days, 17 nights

Meeting point

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Departure point

Dushanbe, Tajikistan


Booked Out

15 September to 2 October 2024

New Date

8 June to 25 June 2025

New Date

31 August to 17 September 2025

Group size

Maximum 12

Participation requirements

  • You’re open-minded and open-hearted
  • You try to embrace the little things
  • You understand that even in the best vehicles, the air-con sometimes breaks
  • You don’t mind that even in the best restaurants, the service is sometimes a little slow.
  • You acknowledge that all of the above is just part of the adventure, and you choose to be gracious.


Level 4 or Strenuous

You should be physically fit for this trip. You may need pre-trip training to be prepared for multiple hours of activity on many of the days. Activities include trekking over hilly terrain at a moderate pace for multiple days and sleeping in tents in remote locations with no facilities. You will only be required to carry a day pack.


  • Meals: 18 breakfasts, 17 lunches and 17 dinners
  • Train Bukhara – Samarkand & private vehicle transportation
  • Drinking water for the entire duration of the tour
  • 9 nights boutique and premium accommodation
  • 3 nights in local guest houses, 5 nights of wildlife camping
  • A top-rated and English-speaking Tour Leader
  • All listed activities and more!

Not included

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance (necessary)
  • Hiking equipment
  • Sleeping bags for wild camping
  • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Additional hotel nights & late checkouts

Wild Camping

Accommodation during the Tajikistan trek is wilderness camping – sleeping in tents in mountain valleys with no facilities.

Accommodation Preview

Rabat Boutique Hotel, Samarkand

Amelia Boutique Hotel, Bukhara

Wild Camping, Tajikistan

Uncover Your Uzbekistan & Tajikistan Trek Itinerary

What You'll See & Do

DAY 1: Arrival in Tashkent

Every epic adventure has to start somewhere – and for you, that’s Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. On your arrival at Tashkent airport in the early hours of the morning, a friendly face will be a welcome sight to take you to your hotel. 

After some much-needed rest, it’s time to meet your guide for lunch and a leisurely walk to see the best of this quirky city – a city that effortlessly blends modern and Soviet-era architecture, making for a very memorable first stop.

Today is all about finding your bearings – you’ll learn how the devastating earthquake of 1966 shaped the city, during your walk today.

Tonight’s welcome dinner with your guide in one of our favourite local restaurants is sure to get the group chatting with excitement for the rest of the tour.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Inspira S or similar

DAY 2: Tashkent

After a good night’s rest you’ll continue exploring Central Asia’s biggest city.

Tashkent has a rich cultural heritage and today you’ll gain a better understanding of its 2,000-year-old history. Our morning visit to Chorsu Market, the largest bazaar in the city, is a little chaotic; as you amble through, be sure to embrace the mayhem – vendors yelling in Uzbek and the smell of spices, fresh meat and fish in the air. 

The next stop is a surprise, but let’s just say if you love art, you’ll adore this stop. 

Our favourite part of today’s walk, though, is our ride on the Tashkent Metro. And we know what you’re thinking, “it’s just a metro” – but wait until you see this transport masterpiece! The Tashkent Metro is one of the most beautiful in the world and was designed by leading Uzbek architects and artists; each station is an original work of art and follows a theme. And we’ll see a few of them today. 

This evening you’ll have dinner in a local restaurant.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Inspira S or similar

DAY 3: Train to Bukhara

Expect an early wake up, for good reason! Today, you’ll catch the high-speed train that transports you to Bukhara in just 3 hours. 

In ancient times, the city of Bukhara flourished along with the rise of the Silk Road trade throughout Central Asia. The UNESCO World Heritage City is packed full of colourful minarets rising above the skyline as well as beautifully constructed mosques and madrassas.

Your hotel in the heart of the old town is surrounded by these magnificent architectural structures built during the prosperous days of the Silk Road. The area’s once notorious canals and pools have been drained to prevent epidemics, but the most well-known, Lyabi-Hauz, still sits in the middle of the city among the mulberry trees.

We’ve set aside time for a short rest at the hotel after lunch to escape from the midday heat. Then, you’ll explore all the corners of beautiful Bukhara as you walk through the zigzagged streets of the old town and the Jewish quarter.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Amelia Boutique or similar

DAY 4: Bukhara

History tells us that Bukhara was one of the main centres of Persian civilisation, and its rich culture shows in the city’s numerous architectural and archaeological sites. Once upon a time, it was known as the intellectual centre of Islam. This morning, you’ll visit the historical sights on the outskirts of Bukhara.

About 15 kilometres outside of Bukhara, the Mausoleum of Naqshbandi was built as a memorial of Khoja Bakhouddin Naqshbandi, the founder of the Naqshbandiyya order. The tomb is an important pilgrimage place for many.

Finish your day with a visit to the magnificent Ark Fortress of Bukhara. The looming Ark of Bukhara watches over the city and is hard to miss. As the oldest structure in Bukhara – you’ll see how it operates as a ‘city within a city’ and was once home to libraries, government offices, and more.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Amelia Boutique or similar

DAY 5: Bukhara and Samarkand

We’ve packed a lot into the trip so  far, so you’ll take it easy to start off the day. Enjoy your free morning–sleep in, do some shopping, or try out local food. The choice is up to you!

Then, it’s full steam ahead to Samarkand – another ancient city located on the Silk Road. After lunch, head to the train station to catch a high speed train to Samarkand. 

Following dinner at a local restaurant, you’ll explore Registan Square. In the evenings, there’s a light show that makes the historic square an even more spectacular sight.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Sandhill or similar

DAY 6 – Samarkand and the Ulugbek Observatory

Samarkand looks as though it has sprung straight out of the pages of a history book with its ornate plaza and majolica-covered madrassas. Once the home of the powerful Timur – one of the greatest conquerors of all time, today, you’ll delve into what life was like under his iron-fisted rule. Visit his final resting place at the Gur-Emir mausoleum, and then, it’s camera-at-the-ready for a walk-through at Registan Square, Shah-i-Zinda, and Bibi Hanum Mosque. 

Today’s intimate look-in at Samarkand ends with a visit to Ulugh Beg Observatory, named after the astronomer Ulugh Beg who was way ahead of his time in his observations of the solar system and planet earth. His achievements in this field greatly impacted the East and West’s study of astronomy. A fascinating finisher to today’s adventures!

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Sandhill or similar

DAY 7 – Mountain Village Hike

Boy, do we have a treat in store for you today. It has you venturing off the tourist track and into the remote mountain village of Ohalik, where you’ll experience the Uzbek way of everyday life. The locals here are so friendly, as you’ll discover, passing by them in their traditional stone homes. From the village, you’ll take a hike along the foothills of the Hissar mountain range. It’s the first hike of the trip so far, and we’re easing you in with a gentle but scenic introduction to hiking in the Stans. 

Tonight you’ll relax and mingle over an Uzbek farewell dinner as you reminisce on the journey so far in Uzbekistan. There’s still so much more to come; are you excited?

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Sandhill or similar

DAY 8: The Seven Lakes

Your time in Uzbekistan is over, and you’ve ticked off one momentous hike, but that can only mean one thing – another adventure awaits you today: Tajikistan!

After breakfast, you’ll be driven to the Uzbekistan-Tajikistan border, where you’ll cross on foot with your guide and meet your friendly Tajik driver on the other side. It’s a short drive to the first stop of the day, the UNESCO site of Sarazm, one of the first settled cities in Tajikistan (and maybe even in all of Central Asia.)

The highlight of today, though, is the Shing Mountain Gorge and its Seven Lakes. Aptly named; these stunning lakes come in a range of colours from blue to green to turquoise. If you’ve been to Lake Louise in Canada, you may be having Deja Vu, as these lakes are just as impressive as their more famous Canadian counterparts. You’ll spend a fair amount of time in the vehicle today. The road is rough and it’ll take several hours to reach the sixth lake, but when you reach it, all will be forgotten. You’ll get to stretch your legs for an hour, by trekking up to the seventh and highest lake, Hazorchashma.

It won’t be hard to distract yourself from the modern world here. And, you’ll have no problem falling asleep in your tent surrounded by such a peaceful backdrop.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Wild camping (tent)

DAY 9: Tovassang Pass

The day you’ve been waiting for – the first day of the trek!

Fill up with a hearty breakfast. You will be trekking for around 6 hours today, so you’ll need sustenance to keep you going. The morning starts bright and early as you pack your possessions on donkeys.

The trek ahead of you is mostly uphill as you head westwards from Hazorchashma lake towards Tovassang Pass at an altitude of 3350 metres. The effort is well worth it with a reward of a stunning view of Sarmat Gorge along the way to keep you going.

Once you pass Danisher Gorge, it’s time to help set up your camp for another night under the stars.

Trek: 12 km – 6 hours
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Wild camping (tent)

DAY 10: Duoba

What goes up must come down, and it’s downhill all the way today. The trek feels like a stroll compared to the exertion of the previous day. With the pack mules carrying your gear, you’re free to focus on the scenery. And, it’s certainly worth the attention!

The  trail meanders through dense forest to the small village of Khomori Goitan before crossing the Archamaidon and Sarmat rivers. 

The goal for today is to reach the Duoba campsite, located at 1870 metres above sea level where the Archamaidon and Sarmat rivers meet. While the day’s trek was a bit easier, you’ll sleep well in your tent again tonight.

Trek: 14 km – 6 hours
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Wild camping (tent)

DAY 11: Zimtud

Today you can expect another pleasant day of trekking. Our route hugs the banks of the Archamaidon River passing lush meadows irrigated directly from the river.

Lunch is a simple affair during a break from walking. Nestled in the Fann Mountains, the village of Zimtud beckons as your day’s final destination. Here, you’ll enjoy a truly special experience, as the welcoming locals will host you at their charming guesthouse.

Dinner is a hearty feast prepared by your hosts. Chat and mingle with your group as well as locals as you learn about their unique way of life here.

Trek: 15 km – 6 hours
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Simple homestay

DAY 12: Ghuytan Pass

After several days of camping and a night staying with a local family in a remote mountain cabin, the distractions of modern life certainly feel a world away.

You have a 7-hour hike ahead of you, but we promise the scenery is worth the long day of trekking. The highlights of today’s trail includes the village of Guitan, where you’ll get a glimpse into daily life in a remote mountain village. Then onto conquering the Ghuytan Pass. It sits at an altitude of 3,000 metres and, as you can imagine, the views are  spectacular. The cherry on top of today’s hike is Chukurak Lake; with its bright blue water, it’s here you’ll pause, catch your breath and once again appreciate your surroundings. 

From here, it’s a short hike down to  Artuch Alpinist Camp. Considering its remoteness, the accommodation is a bit fancier than you’d expect because your twin room comes with a private bathroom and shower.

Trek: 13 km – 7 hours
Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Artuch Alp Camp

DAY 13: The Mountain Plateaus of Kulikalon

Now things are really starting to get interesting as the landscape changes from an evergreen forest to an open mountain plateau. It’s a slightly shorter hiking day today, and for a lot of the day, you’ll be following shepherds’ trails. You may even come across one herding his sheep between villages. Keep your eyes peeled along the trail for eagles; they’re known to soar in the skies above. 

This section of the trail, known as the Kulikalon region, is home to many lakes, all of which are linked by cascading streams. You’ll get the chance to swim in one of these alpine lakes, known as the most beautiful in the Fann mountains. A real pinch-me moment! After a picnic lunch, you’ll continue the rest of the hike into Lake Bibijanat.

Trek: 10 km – 6 hours
Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Wild Camping (tent)

DAY 14: Alauddin Lakes

Today’s hike is filled with plenty of jaw-dropping moments. Let’s just say that every second word that comes out of your mouth will likely be “wow” as you hike through the Alauddin Pass. At 3,860 metres above sea level, this is the highest point of your trek, and at its summit, the views over Chakdara Glacier, Mount Odamsang, and Mount Marriya will make you stop in your tracks. 

The climb to this viewpoint is steep (a whopping 1,000 metres), so you’ll regularly stop to refuel and catch your breath. Remember, at this high altitude, the air is thinner. 

The descent from the Pass leads to the iridescent blue waters of Alauddin Lake. Dive in – if you’re game – and startle your senses with a chilly swim after your strenuous hike! Tonight is another chance to sleep under the stars  as your  group sets up camp on the lake’s shore.

Trek: 10 km – 6 hours
Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Wild Camping (tent)

DAY 15: IskanderKul

Your time trekking is almost at an end, but the adventure is far from over. This morning you’ll make your way by car to Iskanderkul Lake, more commonly known as the Lake of Alexander the Great. This lake has a very European feel to it, and at first sight, you may feel as though you’ve accidentally stepped into a scene in the Swiss Alps. Iskanderkul has a unique triangular shape and is surrounded by rocky peaks, which on a clear day, reflect perfectly onto the lake’s calm surface. On your easy ramble this morning be sure to take some time to reflect on your journey so far.

Iskanderkul is the starting point for today’s short hike to a nearby waterfall, known as the Niagara Falls of the Fann Mountains. Optionally, if you’d like you can go on a short boat ride to take in the sights from a different perspective after so many days of walking.

Camping out under the stars has been a memorable experience, but you’ll be glad to know that your stay tonight will be in comfortable cottages along the lake shore. There’s only one decision left for your day – will it be you or your roomie who gets first dibs on the shower?

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Cottages

DAY 16: Dushanbe

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. But another one begins! Your route to the final stop, the city of Dushanbe, may just be the prettiest drive of the entire trip – with snow-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, and lush green pastures. Yes, this morning’s drive through the Varzob Gorge is like a dream sequence. 

Dushanbe is not just the largest city in Tajikistan, it’s also the capital. Before Dushanbe became the vibrant city it is today, the town was just a small village with the only major draw being a market every Monday. In fact, this is where the name Dushanbe comes from because the Persian word for Monday is Dushanbe. Dushanbe’s status changed during the Soviet period, and the once quiet village rapidly developed into the political and industrial hub of the country.

The highlight of the day is a visit to Navrus Palace. The impressive building was supposed to be a tea house, but the final structure was so impressive that it was made into a palace instead. 

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Hotel Shumon 3* or similar

DAY 17: Dushanbe City Tour

The finish line is in sight, but you’re not quite done enjoying the beauty of Tajikistan just yet! So, let’s end this trip on a high with a personalised tour of Dushanbe. 

Its humble beginnings as a small village stands in stark contrast to the sprawling city you see today, and its interesting history means that the city’s buildings are an eclectic mix of Soviet architecture and modern skyscrapers. But we’ll leave the fascinating history lesson to your local guide. 

At Camino Women, we like to think that not every detail needs to be listed in an itinerary, so let’s just say that today you’ll see a museum started by Badakhshani actor Gurminj Zavkybekov, meet some of the masters responsible for the beauty you saw yesterday at the Navruz Palace, and much more.

This evening is the group’s farewell dinner. By now, everyone is firm friends and it’s not hard to feel relaxed as you enjoy delicious food together and fondly reminisce about your favourite trip moments! 

Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Accommodation: Hotel Shumon 3* or similar

DAY 18: Farewell Friends

As we like to say, it’s never a goodbye but a ‘cya later.’ You’ll likely be blinking away tears as you reminisce on the way to the airport about the buzzing cities you’ve explored, the scenic mountain valleys you’ve hiked through, and the friendly locals you met. 

Before you board your flight, make sure to grab your new-found friends’ emails so that you can share photos and memories when you’re back on home soil. 

Included: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel Shumon 3* or similar


Prior to the payment of your full balance, the final price may change if there is significant variation in the AUD:USD exchange rate. Our trip pricing is determined by what the exchange rates are at the time of publishing the trip.

The pricing on this trip is based on an exchange rate of 1 AUD:0.67 USD.

A deposit of $1,650 is required to hold your spot. Payment can be made by credit card (fees apply) or bank deposit.

There is a cooling-off period of 2 weeks. (Applicable to all bookings made 110 days in advance.)

We have implemented a ‘lifetime deposit’ guarantee. Deposits are not refundable, but they are transferable at any time, right up until the first day of the trip.

The final balance of the trip is required 95 days in advance of the departure date. Our suppliers require upfront payment well in advance to guarantee availability.

Level 4 or Strenuous
You should be physically fit for this trip. You may need pre-trip training to be prepared for multiple hours of activity on many of the days. Activities include trekking over hilly terrain at a moderate pace for multiple days and sleeping in tents in remote locations with no facilities. You will only be required to carry a day pack.

Australian and New Zealand passport holders do not require a visa for this trip. Passports must be valid for at least six months on entry, with two blank pages. However, entry and exit conditions can change at short notice.

During the trek, we primarily use guesthouses and wild camping. Most of the guesthouses are traditional stone and wood buildings and are typically cozy.
Wild camping – sleeping in tents in mountain valleys with no facilities.

Hotels range between 3 and 4 stars, depending on what’s available at the location.

Please bring a daypack (15L – 35L) suitable for personal use on trek days and use a soft bag for your luggage. Your luggage will be transported by vehicle and / or donkeys during the trek.

For maximum comfort with minimum weight, the following checklist has been created to help you choose your clothing and gear for this trip. Try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum.

REQUIRED • Good walking shoes • Trekking Poles • Sunhat • Sunglasses • Sun cream • Underwear • Rain jacket • Warm fleece jacket or jumper • Rain pants • Long Sleeve Shirts (Synthetic, Lightweight) • Trekking trousers • Anti-bacterial hand gel • Personal First Aid Kit/Medications (Lightweight) • 2 x 1-litre water bottle Insect spray

OPTIONAL • Flashlight or Headlamp • Shorts • Trainers or sandals • Bandana • Liner Socks (Synthetic) • Shoes for Travel and Free Time • Casual Clothing for Travel and Town • Wear (Lightweight, Easily Washable) • Spare laces • Luggage Tags and Locks • Pen-knife • Camera and Accessories • Ear Plugs • Reading and Writing Materials • Small Binoculars • Whistle • Reusable cloth bag for shopping (to avoid plastic bags) • Water purification tablets

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page!

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